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Annihilation, Genocide, and the Unmentionable Lexicon of the National Conversation—Toward the Dystopia in the Writing of LOM – Part One

by on Apr.24, 2011, under Nations

My science fiction will entertain you with provocation not escapism.  I write in LOM about an American dystopia that has very real historical roots . . . an American dystopia that given the current political trending may indeed become our future reality.

I recently re-posted article on Facebook, Suppressed History:  When Wall Street Tried to Bring the Holocaust to America—written by Alan Wolfe for the Executive Intelligence Review (the media organ of the Lyndan H. la Rouche Jr. organization) and published in the Veterans Today, Military Veterans and Foreign Affairs Journal.

Originally published in 1994, it was re-published because as the editors stated, “It almost happened in the 1930s as it could still happen in America today.”

It is an astonishing story about how a Wall Street cabal that helped finance Adolph Hitler and Benito Mussolini mobilized an American fascist movement as part of a plot to stage a coup d’ etat against President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

I’m posting the illuminating and equally astonishing commentary I received on this posting and if you read on will see how one of my Facebook friends protested quite vehemently about my dredging up “the Holocaust.”  I’ve read what he said more than once and now I see he wasn’t objecting to my misusing the term but that I even posted that article.  He exhorted me to focus on the present and of finding solutions to the problems we are facing today.

Well…yes, but I’m no activist and I’m not interested in becoming another Latino or even Chicano pundit.  There is already a whole gaggle of those.  Whether he knew or not, said friend was reminding all of us that if you want to participate in the “National Conversation” there are certain topics, historical facts and terms that are unmentionable and that for whatever reason only certain groups have the license to use those terms.

So be it.  There is another Conversation going on and in this Conversation the terms, Genocide, Annihilation, Apartheid and Slavery—should always be capitalized and will not only be never unmentionable or forgotten but essential . . .


CXC   More people need to know about this.

GC   I’ve read this before and find it credible. I also find it credible that the oligarchy has factions, and FDR belonged to a different faction. I guess I am saying that the is more than one group of plutocrats vieing for global domination and that this is true today as well.

CXC   this sort of reminds me of the whole IBM eugenics thing i was reading about. Thats one of the reasons why i oppose Planned Parenthood even though now theyre doing some good thing for women in lower socio economic conditions.

IC  This is only a partial ray of truth that you cannot hide the Sun with your thump. Ever since we opened our eyes to this world this has been the prevailing policy of the power elite and those who are conscious of it this is of no surprise.A much deeper truth lurks underneath its dark surface. But much more deeper, whats on our side, is the Deep Light.

DRB   Frank, once you start posting shit like this, I start disconnecting. It’s not constructive to keep going down this road. Keep the criticism focused on the now, and stop dredging up the holocaust.

XC   our people here ,survived a Holcaust and GENOCIDe put together!! Over 500 year’s ago!

RC    the time is now for today future day that begins today through unity, sympathy, brotherly love, compassion coaperation and stepping forwards into making the changes that we want to see for our kids and every ones kid,. lets forget the damage done lest plant a new education system that will help our kids to no become one of those that let evil prevail within them….

DRB     I use the term “Holocaust” to denote the deliberate state directed murder of 10-12 million people in Europe during WWII. I’m Polish, my people were in those gas chambers and shooting pits all over my ancestral homeland. The deliberate and/o…r unintentional killing of natives of North, Central and South America is a “shandas” and a tragedy, but doesn’t get the same monniker because it happened across several hundred years, it was spread throughout two continents by different European regimes, struck different New World civilizations at different times (including the viral destruction of developed civilizations of millions in the Plains who few historians or outsiders ever witnessed), and with different motives directing them.

RC    comprendo amigo! very sad all of that my birth land waS also struck by killing and the nearly extermination of our natives ancestros; war is no more than conspiracies to get few human being out of the picture for the sake to keep control of… the world populations around the globe, that is the result of our ancestros redering their freedom for the sake of governments oft the people to the people because things long time ago were getting out of hand , before people lived life just trusting the creators will guide and protection, then people started getting greedy and dishonest, so a causel was put together and the people asked for a sort of government to handle the situation to keep peace with the people and this government was to help the people but there tooooo things are out of hand big time, all of this that i am saying here is in the bible…we are under a lot of secrecy and a lot of conspiracies that if we only knew it is very sad, we are slaves we are not free, slavery has never been abolished , it is in the bible if people only undertoods what they read.. sad my friend we just have to continue trying our best is all that we can do…..

FSL    I understand the meaning of Holocaust and its historical context. That article that I posted was about real American Nazis wanting to bring the Third Reich to America. Had their plan succeeded there would have been an American Holocaust. … In regard to other groups usurping the term…or trivializing it, I agree. For what happened in the Americas, we should call it the Genocide and the Annihilation. Our scholars, writers, poets, rappers should use these terms always capitalizing the terms.


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